Children of the Dark Light – Haunted Minds IV

NEW RELEASE: 28th February 2017

A beautiful house of dark red brick and gothic style stands on Normandy Road. It has had many inhabitants over the years, and is about to gain some new tenants.

However, the house has never truly been empty. There’s something there, and it has always been there. To some, the horrors that reside in Normandy Road are just myths, legends, and in the present day, there is nothing to be scared of.

But there are some that have seen and felt their presence. Their sleep is ripped apart as the nightmarish entities that reside there manage to torment their day.

Something lives in that house. It senses its time has come. A time of evil. Sometimes, they work on their own. Collectively, they are known as The Dead Ones, to others they are known as the Children of the Dark Light; and as improbable and implausible as it may seem; somehow, somewhere, you’ve met them before….

MATURE CONTENT 18+ Contains adult content. Not to be read by minors / people under the age of 18. Contains sexual content, religious references and strong scenes of psychological terror that some readers will find disturbing.

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Reviewed by Ruffina Oserio for Readers’ Favorite

I was intrigued by the paradox in the title when I picked up Children of the Dark Light, the fourth book in the Haunted Minds series by John Hennessy, prepared to be drawn into a mysterious world where the struggle between light and darkness takes place. Few authors succeed in creating a terrifying narrative that combines paranormal themes with psychological mystery and suspense, featuring characters that strangely remind readers of the darkness in themselves. Hennessy does it with brilliance and style!

To some, they are merely the Dead Ones, while to others, they are Children of the Dark Light, and they inhabit a beautiful house in a Gothic style that stands along the Normandy Road. The house has been there for years and has had many tenants, but now it is about to have new ones. The house has been demolished and rebuilt again, but the evil that lived there hasn’t moved away. It’s still there. When Tom and Amanda decide to move into the house, it is against Amanda’s wishes, because she has heard rumors about the evil in the house and she believes in such things, even if her schoolmates, Amy and Clara, think it is funny that she believes in such stories. But they are about to discover the truth, and the evil in the house could destroy their marriage, even their very lives. Can they make a sane decision before it is too late?

Told from Amanda’s point of view and in an absorbing narrative voice,Children of the Dark Light is first-rate horror mixed with powerful elements of mystery and suspense. The story is densely plotted and readers are haunted by the narrative, hooked as though by an evil spell to read through each page. John Hennessy has a unique gift for compelling character building and a fast-paced plot, rendered even more beguiling with the expert use of red herrings. I couldn’t put this one down and I couldn’t resist the haunting darkness of the plot.