Coco: Joy of After-Life


John Hennessy grew up with animals as his constant companions. Each time he faced the death of a cherished pet, along with the gut wrenching pain and guilt trips came the same questions, to which there were no obvious answers.

Then, mysterious things began to happen that he could not explain, almost pushing him to question his own mind at times. This led him on an incredible journey to uncover the truth about what it is to learn, to love, to live, and to leave a legacy, for ourselves and those around us.

Told in a heartwarming, revealing, personal but also uncompromising view that one could only expect from a writer of horror stories, the author steps out of his comfort zone to deliver a book that is more than a memoir of a cat who is sorely missed – it is a discovery of the self, and may challenge everything you think you know about the after-life.

The author leaves it up to the reader to decide for themselves what really happened, but life and death is a personal journey for each and every one of us and accounts vary from person to person. Those who have passed over never come back to tell us what it is like, and how we should shape our remaining days accordingly.

Coco: Joy of After-Life – A Journey Beyond Death and into the Heavens does not deliberately seek to provide explicit comfort and reassurance to anyone who has ever cherished and lost a pet, though readers can take some comfort from it of course. Instead, it sets out to answer some questions of anyone who has ever wondered how these creatures and ourselves fit into the larger scheme of things, both here on the Earth and beyond.