The Girl Who Collected Butterflies – Haunted Minds III

The Girl Who Collected Butterflies: Haunted Minds III


Boys made fun of her. Girls tended to avoid her. Teachers didn’t understand her.

Marissa Coton collected butterflies.

For her Very Special Project, Marissa took some butterflies and placed a name under each one.

To her classmates, the selection appeared to be random. No harm done. But when the children in Marissa’s book begin to die in mysterious circumstances, the evidence points to the mysterious girl with black eyes who wears a red bow in her hair.

There’s method in her apparent madness. There’s a reason why she’s doing it. By the time her secret is out, it will be far too late. Because if someone threatens her, their secrets will be revealed to the world.

The race is on to stop her from killing anyone else, but how can she be stopped?


Part of the Haunted Minds series of books, ‘The Girl Who Collected Butterflies’ is an indirect follow-up to book one, ‘The Ghost of Normandy Road.’

Mature content – recommended for 15 years of age and over. Story contains strong swearing, gore and violence, some sexual references.

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