The Halloweeners III (The Halloweeners)

The Halloweeners III is the third official story in The Halloweeners series, of which there are four in total including Kirsty, the Most Powerful Witch in the World (Halloweeners 1.5). It is the final act in the story of Toby, Kirsty and Nula, the self-proclaimed Halloweners. Will be on pre-order soon.



Toby has gone through too much, risked too much, lost too much not to survive.

Nula starts to wonder if she really knows the boy she fell in love with, and if it was worth wrecking the friendship of a girl she really cared about.

Kirsty begins to understand what it truly means to live the life of a witch.

Can the gang put aside their differences and get together for one final, life-defining Halloween?

Somebody, somewhere is aiming to make sure it is their last.

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