Cover Update 2020: Dawn of the New Breed

Cover Update 2020: Dawn of the New Breed

“The world that was created here was vibrant and intriguing. I could see it coming to life, leading me along to certain nuggets of knowledge that pointed to reasoning behind things in later books.
There is nothing not to like here.”

– M. Lynn, USA.


Just how long will a vampire wait for revenge?

Find out in Dawn of the New Breed, the prequel to the best selling vampire series.

The full length prequel to Murderous Little Darlings (A Tale of Vampires #1).

England, 1472. A teenage Mariana Claremont is having a secret liaison with England’s premier soldier and commander of the King’s army.

Unhappy with their union, separatists amongst the Kingdom set in motion a plan that will change England and Scotland forever.

Several centuries later, three vulnerable children catch the eye of a bloodthirsty yet lonely vampire. Will they escape the clutches of the vampire, or usher in a new dawn of the undead?

“Loved this book so much that after 2 chapters I ordered the rest in the series. Brilliant book.”

– Andrea, GR reader.

What do you think of the updated cover? I hope you like it just as much as the book itself. Available in paperback and ebook formats at the links below.

Work continues during summer 2020 to update a number of my book covers. Dawn of the New Breed is amongst my favourites of those books that I have written. I am also writing Murderous Little Darlings 2: Murderous Little Christmas Darlings, with the events of this story taking place after both Dawn of the New Breed and the original Murderous Little Darlings.

I’ve utilised various cover artists over the years, Claudia McKinney of PhatpuppyArt (famed for her work on Amanda Hockings’ Switched books and On Dublin Street) who created all three Dark Winter covers (plus Stormling and also Coco: Joy of After-Life), Angie Alaya who weaved her magic on the revamped Ghost of Normandy Road and The Seamstress Who Worshipped Beelzebub.

If you like the amazing work done on Dawn I must give huge credit to Lesia of German-Creative. I really enjoy working with this highly creative and gifted talent. If you want to see the other covers she has worked with me on, a sample list can be found below. If you want to work with her for a project of your own, click this link to go to her page.

Another aspect of Lesia’s work is to create a 3D version of a book project. I love to see these ‘digital’ creations given a ‘live paperback’ feel.

Below: The original dawn of the New Breed cover 2016-2020.

Cover 2016- June 2020: Dawn of the New Breed

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