Cover update: The Halloweeners (I)

“I wanted to read a book that was filled with the inspiration that Halloween gives. A little thriller and a little fright. I enjoyed how the author uses pre-teens to tell the story, which made it quite believable. If you have read his books before, as I have, being a huge fan you will notice how he seems to always put some remembrance of his other stories into each book.”

J. Kahele, author of Facade and the Mine series

I wanted to write a children’s level scary story for Halloween for some time now – the kind of book that I as a child would have loved to have read. Having written about ghosts (The Ghost of Normandy Road), witches (Dark Winter), zombies (also Dark Winter) and vampires (A Tale of Vampires series) I thought it was high time to put all these elements into one tale. The Halloweeners (2016) spawned a spin-off story, 2017’s Kirsty the Most Powerful Witch in the World, as well as The Halloweeners II that same year.

Work continues on the final book, The Halloweeners III, and looks like it will finally see the light of day in 2021. For those of you that have been waiting, I do apologise. It’s going to be a fantastic conclusion!

This book was well overdue for a cover revamp, so I hope you like it. The book is available on Amazon and all its international stores, with limited release on Kobo, Apple, Barnes & Noble et al.

The cover typography is by the highly talented Angie Alaya, who previously worked with me on Coco: Joy of After-Life, The Seamstress Who Worshipped Beelzebub and The Ghost of Normandy Road.