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Salico: Haunted Minds VI (Kindle Cover, 2022)


Kindle 10th October 2022 | Paperback 12th October 2022

Just who or what is the sinister Cinder Man? And whose mind will be haunted next?

Lots of people die. It’s a sad fact of life, but it’s fine. After all, even the dead need a home to go to. When a local council decides to use a long-abandoned plot of land outside of town to bury their recently deceased, the task of managing the plot falls to one man. Most of the bodies are well behaved corpses. They go in the ground and they stay there.

There are some corpses that just won’t stay dead though. There are some amongst the living that say that the memories the body has refuse to die even though the body does. It’s those that refuse to stay in the graves. It’s those ones that want to come back, striking the worst kind of terror in the land of the living. Such entities are not coming back to rattle chains or go bump in the night, no child’s play – nothing like that. No – they are coming for revenge beyond the grave, and no-one knows how to stop them. Especially the ones who shouldn’t have been given an early grave in the first place.

It’s those ones you’ve got to worry about….

Salico: Haunted Minds VI is the latest installment in the best selling and award winning Haunted Minds series from British author John Hennessy.

I: The Ghost of Normandy Road
II: Clara’s Song
III: The Girl Who Collected Butterflies
IV: Children of the Dark Light
V: The Seamstress Who Worshipped Beelzebub

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Paperback is scheduled to be released 12th October 2022.